1st place in the XTRA HOT section at World Hot Sauce Awards 2014 held in Louisiana, USA!!!!!


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original Carolina Reaper , Trinidad Scorpian &
Bhut/Naga Jolokia Chilli sauces

Producing NZs HOTTEST chilli sauces since 2008

we do it all, from seed to sauce!

All of our products are Hand Crafted and made in micro batches in Northland, NZ, Aotearoa. All sauces are made with no preservatives, colourings or other crap! Our NUMBER 1 ingredient is CHILLI!
Gourmet Chilli Products Grown and Hand crafted in New Zealand No Preservatives, Colourings, Thickners or Nasty Stuff Made From All Natural Ingredients All Chillies are Grown Organically right here in NZ, our chilli plants are fed spring water and no chemicals or pesticides are used!

Fire Dragon Chillies NZ Chilli Eating Champs final will be on July 5th at Rogue and Vagabond, Wellington. 6pm KICK OFF!

Reaper Reaper

These bad boys are now in the Dragons Fury and it is FURIOUS. Carolina Reapers are also in the
Dragons Fury and NZ Champs 2014 limited edition (only 100 bottles produced).

Producing NZs HOTTEST chilli sauces since 2008
We do it all, from seed to sauce!

Get the Full Range of award winning FDC HOTTEST chilli sauces.

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smoky dragon all sizes
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If you like your food HOT, you’ve come to the right place because all our sauces are packed with real chillies and are guaranteed to wake up those taste buds. All our chillies are grown organically in Aotearoa
and only the finest make it into our sauce.

We are 100% grown and produced in NZ. We have a wide range of chillies from all corners of the planet including the hottest there is
the feared Trinidad Scorpian Morougas, Butch Ts, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich and Bih Jolokia.
They are the main ingredient in our Deadly sauce and our even hotter DRAGONS FURY which is
EXTREMELY HOT and must be used with CAUTION!.

I hope you enjoy our range of Fire Dragon Chilli sauces but be warned they are for


Interview with Kevin Blakeman


Chilli Trophies

WOW the results are in and we picked up 6 trophies in this years Mr Chilli Awards!
Best of the Best HOT sauces from Australia and New Zealand!

1st place Gourmet sauce, Gourmet Hot sauce
1st place Jalapeno sauce, New Zealand Green
2nd place XTRA HOT SAUCE, Dragons Fury
2nd place XTRA HOT Fruit sauce, Purple Ghost
3rd place Chipotle, Smoky Dragon
3rd place Fruit sauce, SS Venom

2nd BEST HOT sauce 2013, Xtra Hot
3rd Best Savoury sauce 2013, Smoky Dragon

3rd BEST HOT sauce 2012, Deadly

9 trophies now for 8 HOT sauces over 3 years! Very humbled and proud that our sauces are up there with the BEST!

New Zealand Green, Purple Ghost and S.S Venom are now ready and available here



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Thiswknd.Dos Amigos Thurs night,HOTTEST Burrito and all Y Sauces out for tasting. Sunday at Union Post for chilli burger challenge, and will have sauces there too with P aul! Fastest Time gets a $200 bar tab on Sunday starts at 2pm

CLICK HERE! they are easy to find, right at the TOP! where they should be! Louisiana, USA!!!!!" alt="1st place in the XTRA HOT section at World Hot Sauce Awards 2014 held in Louisiana, USA!!!!!"> 1st place in the XTRA HOT section at World Hot Sauce Awards 2014 held in Louisiana, USA!!!!!

WOOOHOOOO Our Deadly Sauce got 1st place in the XTRA HOT section at the World Hot Sauce

Awards held in Louisiana. International Award Winning HOT sauces!

Old news

Thurs 25th Sept, Dos Amigos, full tastings of all 9 Fire Dragon sauces plus Auckland's HOTTEST burrito! Sat 27t Hallertau Street food night with 4 HOT sauce makers and 4 top brewers teamed up tickets here http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/2014/hallertau-hot-hoppy-street-food-special/auckland/riverhead

Sun 28th Union post, Ellerslie, Great NZ Burger Challenge, 1 pound beef chilli burger, fastest time on the day wins $200 bar tab!

The ‎HOTBOX!!!
Our HOTBOX was so popular that we decided to make it a fulltime deal! This box is packed with some…
San Fran Heat winners!
San Fran Heat co winners, Amy Barrett Boyes and Chris
Deadly Chilli Sauce - 60ml
1st place in XHOT section at World Hot Sauce Awards 2014 in Louisiana, USA. Made from the…
2014 Chilli Eating Champs

2014 Winners
William "Chilli Willie" Austin and Kerry "the Killer" McGruddy. Both from Auckland.

2015 Final will be held in Auckland.

HEAT 1: Chilli and Hop Fest, Paul Smith, Amber Davies, Chilli Willie
HEAT 2: Union Post, ACKL, Kerry McGruddy
HEAT 3: House, Hamilton, Steven Dodd
HEAT 4: LBQ, Wellington, Kent Lambert and Adrian Kennealy
HEAT 5: Fox and Ferret, CHCH, Kim Kuruvilla
HEAT 6: Kerikeri, Sam Freeman
HEAT 7: Dos Amigos, ACKL, Ace Alexander
HEAT 8: RA Bar, Dunedin, Aidan Lusby, Jess Gardner
HEAT 9: San Fran, Welly, ???
FINAL at Rogue and Vagabond, July 5th, 6pm KICK OFF!!!!!

Smoky Dragon SH!THOT Chipotle 125ml
Just voted Australasia's 3rd BEST Savoury chilli sauce and 5th BEST HOT sauce at 2013 Mr Chilli…
FDC eats a dried Peach Ghost Scorpian!!!!!!

Fire Dragon Chillies eats a dried Peach Ghost Scorpian!!!!!!

Asian Dinner Pack
1 x 125ml Xtra Hot Sweet Sour Pork, Wontons, Green Curry, Yellow curry, Pad thai 1 x 125ml Deadly…
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